spatial & acoustic solutions

Since many interesting configurations can be created with Office-in-a-Box, and the overall goal is generally to improve office acoustics and atmosphere, it's often equally important to look at the space outside the box: The office space itself.

In many cases

we have been able to greatly improve office acoustics by applying the acoustic techniques and materials we use in our Office-in-a-Box to the office spaces they’re placed in. We have a very pragmatic approach to this, based on our experience in working with these techniques and different types of office spaces.

Acoustics in your office space will greatly improve.

You can hear the silence.

Resulting in pleasant acoustics

in the entire office environment, without the need for expensive measurements and thick reports. We’ve seen several situations in which we were able to solve bad acoustics quite simply, where other solutions hadn’t been that effective. Usually with such great results that you can hear the silence.

Up until today

we have been implementing custom made solutions, depending on placement of our Office-in-a-Box and the situations in the offices where we placed them. However, we are working on a series of acoustic products that can be placed anywhere and will always improve acoustics in any room, office space or other working environment, with or without the Office-in-a-Box.

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Acoustic products coming up!

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