office-in-a-box №5

The popupspace solution for keeping phone calls private and allowing colleagues to continue their work without being disturbed.

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Office-in-a-Box №5 is a single-person calling booth. If you want to get really cozy though, two or even three people will fit inside. However, things get awkward pretty quickly with more than one. The №5 allows someone to have a quiet, private phone call. People around the booth will not be able to hear the caller. While the caller will not be hearing sounds from outside the box.

Office-in-a-Box №5 is intentionally designed for letting very little sound in or out. Its walls and ceiling, covered in a thick layer of recycled acoustic felt not only ensure a good sound insulation, but offer a warm cuddly room to be in as well. In fact its sound insulation is good enough to even work for conference calls over the speakers of a laptop or a phone on speaker.

It includes a standing table, a lamp and a power outlet.

Popupspace’s Office-in-a-Box is a Dutch Design product, handcrafted in The Netherlands. We strive for using sustainable solutions and materials as much as we can.


Colors of upholstery fabric in consultation.

Outside walls can be printed in full color, using either your own design or a design we create.

Dimensions (w/l/h): 2100mm x 1150mm x 2244mm

Materials: OSB, Honeycomb Cardboard, Steel, Acoustic felt, Foam, Fabric


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