office-in-a-box №4

A comfortable two-seater meeting spot, allowing you to have less disturbed (or disturbing) conversations.

8.400,00 excl. taxes

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№4 is a roofless version of the Office-in-a-Box №3. Its half-high walls give you some privacy while having a conversation. It shields you from too much noise and visual distraction or whenever you need a little room to think. The №4 is less acoustically effective than the roofed №3, but still more private than your open plan office. Like all the other models, it has thick honeycomb cardboard walls lined with recycled acoustic felt. Unlike the №1, the №3 & №5, it doesn’t have the distinctive ratchet straps. For the interior you can choose from the same options as the roofed models and while it doesn’t have its own light source, it does have a power outlet.

Popupspace’s Office-in-a-Box is a Dutch Design product, handcrafted in The Netherlands. We strive for using sustainable solutions and materials as much as we can.


Colors of upholstery fabric in consultation

Outside walls can be printed in full color with your own design, or we can design it for you

Different interior configurations possible, contact us for options and pricing.

Dimensions (w/l/h): 2100mm x 1150mm x 1614mm

Materials: OSB, Honeycomb Cardboard, Steel, Acoustic felt, Foam, Fabric


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