office-in-a-box №2

A roofless Office-in-a-Box, with felt covered walls, creating a separate space to work more concentrated and have more quiet conversations.

10.950,00 excl. taxes

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№2 is an open Office-in-a-Box meeting space, accommodating up to six people. While it’s less acoustically effective than its roofed brothers and sisters, it is still more private than the surrounding (open-plan) office. №2 has the same thick honeycomb cardboard walls, with felt lined interior. These walls shield the people inside visually as well as acoustically from their environment.

Unlike the №1, №3 and №5, it doesn’t have the distinctive ratchet straps, since it has no roof.  Office-in-a-Box №2 comes with two facing benches, a desk and a power outlet.

Popupspace’s Office-in-a-Box is a Dutch Design product, handcrafted in The Netherlands. We strive for using sustainable solutions and materials as much as we can.


Colors of upholstery fabric in consultation.

Outside walls can be printed in full color, using either your own design or a design we create.

Different interior configurations possible, contact us for options and pricing.

Dimensions (w/l/h): 2100mm x 2100mm x 1614mm

Materials: OSB, Honeycomb Cardboard, Steel, Acoustic felt, Foam, Fabric


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