office-in-a-box №1

The original Office-in-a-Box: A comfortable acoustically optimized and easy to set up work and meeting space accommodating up to six people.

12.500,00 excl. taxes

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The all original Office-in-a-Box! It’s the first model we’ve ever designed, hence: Office-in-a-Box №1. Also called an office booth, privacy room, soundproof space (although it’s not a 100% soundproof) or room-in-room solution. The sturdy honeycomb cardboard walls of the Office-in-a-Box are lined with acoustic felt, making it a nice, cozy space to be in.

A refuge from the noises and distractions all around. Inside the box it’s easier to focus on a task. In most open-plan offices for instance, it’s difficult to keep concentrating and get work done. Meetings are less disturbing to others, when they’re inside a box.

Companies in shortage of (small) meeting rooms all the time, now have the opportunity to solve this problem quickly and easily. No need to rebuild anything, since Office-in-a-Box can be put anywhere!

Office-in-a-Box №1 is ready-to-use and accommodates for up to six people. It comes with two facing benches, a desk, a lamp and a power outlet.

Popupspace’s Office-in-a-Box is a Dutch Design product, handcrafted in The Netherlands. We strive for using sustainable solutions and materials as much as we can.


Colors of upholstery fabric in consultation

Outside walls can be printed in full color, using either your own design or a design we create.

Different interior configurations possible, contact us for options and pricing.

Dimensions (w/l/h): 2100mm x 2100mm x 2194mm

Materials: OSB, Honeycomb Cardboard, Steel, Acoustic felt, Foam, Fabric


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