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Office-in-a-Box is a sustainable, separate workspace in which you can work individually or work together - or hold meetings - in small groups. A very simple and fast solution for more flexibility in your working environment.


A present-day office offers every employee flexibility, space, security and sufficient silence to be able to work concentrated and be productive. Being able to sit apart, while still being together.

Office-in-a-Box is a fun and easy way to create additional meeting space, especially in offices where meeting rooms are always in use, often by just two or three people, while the existing meeting rooms are intended for larger groups. With Office-in-a-Box you can easily realize more options for holding smaller meetings so that the larger rooms remain available for larger groups.

Office-in-a-Box also offers a quiet place to concentrate better, make a call or have a private conversation.

Office-in-a-Box is a durable, acoustically dampened, easy-to-install office space that is ready for use without the need for renovation. The units, pods or booths – whatever you want to call them – are easily rotatable and movable, so that you can always adjust your office layout to what is desired at that moment.

4 different models

The Office-in-a-Box product portfolio includes four different models, each with their own features and purposes: 

№1 is the original Office-in-a-Box, the largest model in the series. It has room for a maximum of six people. №1 comes with two benches, a table, a lamp and a power outlet.

№2 is actually the same model, with the difference being that it is about half the height and it has no roof. The lamp that is included in the №1 is optional for №2.

№3 is an Office-in-a-Box with room for two people to have a private conversation. №3 comes with two seats, a side table and a lamp.

№4 is last but not least: The roofless version of №3.

Simply choose the model that fits your needs best, or combine different models for a playful and flexible office space in which people are enabled to work the way they feel is right.

easy to set up

Office-in-a-Box is quick and easy to set up, without the need for rebuilding anything. Every box is completely prepared and equipped to be used immediately after set up.

happier at work

Office-in-a-Box is a unique, comfortable and acoustically muted space, in which it is easier to keep focus and be creative. Who wouldn't be happy with that?

your own style

Office-in-a-Box is made of raw, honest, sustainable materials. Beautiful as we think they are, you can still choose to have them branded in your own style.

brands using office-in-a-box

These clever brands chose using Office-in-a-Box to enhance their working environments.

about popupspace

Popupspace is a brand of cleverly designed products, meant to efficiently or just differently make use of space while enhancing atmosphere and well-being in office and other working environments. Originally, when designing our first product, we had in mind to mainly solve a problem regarding space, especially in office environments where there's always a shortage of available meeting spaces. So we created an easy-to-set-up and immediately usable extra room for (small) meetings and conversations: the Office-in-a-Box.

Soon however, we found out we'd discovered so much more...

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