all four Office-in-a-Box models

Popupspace presents the Office-in-a-Box. A series of four models of durable, unconventionally designed instant work- and meeting rooms that are easily and quickly set up, without the need for renovation. The boxes, units, booths, pods, quiet areas or meeting spaces – whatever you want to call them – can be deployed flexibly and are fully equipped for immediate use. Explore all popupspace products below. 

Popupspace focuses on designing and producing office interior products that make office and other working environments more fun and enjoyable.

Every Office-in-a-Box unit is a ‘Dutch Design’ quality product, crafted from honest, sustainable and durable materials and is made by hand in our own workshop in the Netherlands. In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

easy to set up

Office-in-a-Box is quick and easy to set up, without rebuilding anything. Every box is completely prepared and equipped to be used immediately after set up.

happier at work

Office-in-a-Box is a unique, comfortable and acoustically muted space, in which it is easier to keep focus and be creative. Who wouldn't be happy with that?

your own style

Office-in-a-Box is made of raw, honest, sustainable materials. Beautiful as we think they are, you can still choose to have them branded in your own style.

brands using office-in-a-box

These clever brands chose using Office-in-a-Box to enhance their working environments.

offices-in-a-box in their natural habitat

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