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Some years ago, when we designed the first 'popupspace', it was more or less meant to be a gimmick. An eye-catcher in a large shared open-plan office space. We designed an instant room with the appearance of a box that had just been delivered. We had fun building it and then had some laughs about it when we installed it in the office and that was that.

Soon however,

people actually started making use of it to get out of the crowded office and find a place to work quietly, or they used it to have a meeting in it, amidst the sea of desks and people sitting and being around there, trying to get their work done.

And it worked really well! People felt less disturbed and thought our office-in-a-box was a great addition to their office. So they ordered more. And soon others followed.

That’s when we started to believe we discovered something important. Something that could make a real difference in people’s lives.

We discovered something that could make a real difference in people's lives.

People were happy to have options for retreating to a quiet place.

We observed

how people used the popupspace, as we called it back then, and found out what they appreciated and what they didn’t. We saw more and more office environments where popupspace had to fit in and for which we wanted to optimize them. Though in many cases it was actually our box that was optimizing these environments. 

People working in the offices where our boxes were placed, were happy to have more options for retreating to a quiet place. The boxes – visually and acoustically separating them from their surroundings – enabled them to work more concentrated, away from the noisy office floor where their brain’s attention was constantly drawn to all the conversations and noises they just couldn’t stop hearing. 

Popupspace – yes, the one we laughed about – was really solving actual problems and our product was making people happy!

So we decided

to make it our mission to improve office life around the globe. Popupspace became our brand name and our studio is now fully focused on developing products which are not only spatially fun and practical, but also improve acoustics, are sustainable and somewhat unconventional, making office environments more pleasant environments to spend one’s time in. 

We took all the data we gathered over the years, and combined it with our own strive for perfection and our vision to a better future, to further develop the ‘Office-in-a-Box’ – as the popupspace would continue its existence from now on – into the products they are today. Since the first Office-in-a-Box, they have been improved and altered in many ways, so they’ve become serious solutions for all kinds of offices and other work environments. 

Not every office is the same and that calls for more than just one solution, so we decided to make different models for different purposes and applications, resulting in today’s family of four models.

We're on a mission to improve office life around the globe.

Several iterations

of the thick honeycomb cardboard wall construction made them more stable, easier to set up and acoustically improved. The interior walls of the spaces are now lined with a pleasant wool felt, conveniently reducing disturbing noises in either direction, despite the fact that there’s no door closing the units off. 

The benches have sturdy steel frames now, and so do the tables. The cushions have been redesigned and we’ve found a new series of natural fabrics for them that goes really well with the acoustic felt and the cardboard. 

And lastly, besides the fact that we’ve revisited every little detail about the boxes, we designed three different lamps fitting perfectly in the concept of the ‘boxes’.

The felt lined walls reduce disturbing noises.

What's more

is that Office-in-a-Box is designed for easy set up. We see that (fast) growing companies, always in shortage of available rooms to have meetings in, are really enthusiastic of having an extra, fully operational room in no-time without rebuilding anything. The Office-in-a-Box is easy to move around, or even take apart and move to a new location. Just plug it in and it’s ready to go!

A fully operational extra room without rebuilding.

" For many years now, we've been using Office-in-a-Box as pop-up meeting spaces in our Seats2Meet locations. Its durability, mobility and pleasant acoustics make it a great space to be in. "
Mariëlle Sijgers
Co-founder Seats2Meet.com

Acoustic techniques outside the box.

In addition,

we’ve started taking our acoustic techniques outside the boxes and applying them to entire office spaces. This way we manage to greatly improve the acoustic profile of many working environments, without the need for rebuilding or expensive acoustic measurements and reporting.

Regarding materials

and production methods, we’ve always been working with and will always be looking for the most sustainable solutions we can find or develop, while we keep searching for better solutions where we can’t (yet). 

We use natural and sustainable materials like cardboard, acoustic felts and fabrics made out of recycled textile and/or natural fibers and wool, together with wood materials made out of wood-industry waste and plain steel.

Our ultimate goal is to produce our products and run our company through the cradle-to-cradle circular economy principle. We know we’re not there yet and sometimes it comes down to complex business decisions, but we trust in coming closer one step at a time as long as we keep our focus on the future we see before us (and our planet).

Our ultimate goal is to run our company through the cradle-to-cradle circular economy principle.

People feel less stressed and get more work done.

Open-plan office environments

have their challenges where it comes to finding a spot to retreat from the crowded and often noisy office, in which it is hard to concentrate or not hear everything that’s happening around you. It’s good to have spots where you can have a quiet call, work on something that needs more focus, or take your conversation elsewhere, so colleagues can continue working without being disturbed.

In the offices where our products are used, people really appreciate less noise, less distraction, more room for creativity and improved productivity. As a result their energy levels stay higher and they report being happier, less stressed and have fewer complaints like headaches, not getting work done and concentration problems.


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The original Office-in-a-Box: A comfortable, acoustically optimized and easy to set up work and meeting space accommodating up to six people.

№2 is an open Office-in-a-Box meeting space, accommodating up to six people.

Office-in-a-Box №3 is a smaller version of the original №1. It accommodates for two people to have a more quiet and relaxed private conversation.

№4 is a roofless version of the Office-in-a-Box №3. Its half-high walls shield you from too much noise and visual distraction.

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