How do you like to work?

Create your own unique, sustainable working environment with Office-in-a-Box. Have individual workspaces, arrange extra rooms to meet in or provide a quiet space to have a phone call. Office-in-a-Box is ready to use.


Need extra meeting space? A quiet spot to better concentrate or have a private call? You found it! The Office-in-a-Box is an acoustically muted, ready-to-use and easily set-up office space that requires no rebuilding. Designed with today’s noisy open-plan offices in mind, the Office-in-a-Box offers a quiet space to work or meet in, without disturbing others or being disturbed by the ubiquitous office buzz.

4 different models

The Office-in-a-Box product portfolio comprises four different models, each with their own features and purposes. Ranging from the original Office-in-a-Box, the largest model, in which you can have a meeting or work with up to six people, via the roofless version of the same box to the smaller two-seater and its roofless little brother.

easy to set up

Office-in-a-Box is quick and easy to set up, without rebuilding anything. Every box is completely prepared and equipped to be used immediately after set up.

happier at work

Office-in-a-Box is a unique, comfortable and acoustically muted space, in which it is easier to keep focus and be creative. Who wouldn't be happy with that?

your own style

Office-in-a-Box is made of raw, honest, sustainable materials. Beautiful as we think they are, you can still choose to have them branded in your own style.

brands using office-in-a-box

These clever brands chose using Office-in-a-Box to enhance their working environments.

about popupspace

Popupspace is a brand of cleverly designed products, meant to efficiently or just differently make use of space while enhancing atmosphere and well-being in office and other working environments. Originally, when designing our first product, we had in mind to mainly solve a problem regarding space, especially in office environments where there's always a shortage of available meeting spaces. So we created an easy-to-set-up and immediately usable extra room for (small) meetings and conversations: the Office-in-a-Box.

Soon however, we found out we'd discovered so much more...

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